Content Associate

Job Summary

The content associate is part of the think tank that makes Vanilla Video look and sound great online. Working directly alongside copy writers, content writers, and the social media coordinator, the content associate assists the team in obtaining and creating meaningful content for Vanilla Video online.

The content associate is a multi-talented marketing professional with a heart for video production and Vanilla Video. Creative and quick0thinking, the content associate is always ready to help during a brain storm and help the content team in obtaining photographs, coming up with slogans, and ensuring content ends up online at just the right time. The content associate is tasked with ensuring everything runs smoothly for Vanilla Video content-wise, and lends a helping hand whenever necessary.

Knowledge of online marketing, SEO, and social media, will be tested and strengthened as a content associate learns and grows with Vanilla Video. Previous experience or education in a marketing related role is a plus, though not required. Vanilla Video hires all professionals from within, the primary qualification is always a passion for video production and the Vanilla Video mission.

Content Associate

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Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrated excellence as a Vanilla Video Junior Videographer, Second Shooter, or Production Assistant for at least 2-3 years.

  • Extreme familiarity with Vanilla Video branding strategy, personality, and storytelling online

  • Pride in upholding company culture and working in a highly collaborative environment as part of a growing team

  • Excellent communication skills especially when dealing with internal e-mails, meetings and telephone calls

  • Handles direction and criticism well, treats every opportunity as a learning experience

  • Willingness to learn new things

  • Savvy in online marketing especially SEO, content management, and social media

  • Basic photography skills using a DSLR and smart phone camera (for social media posting)

  • Cooperative in working with others, enjoys sitting in on brain storming sessions and helping develop ideas with other marketing professionals on the team

  • Organizational skills necessary, able to work on multiple projects at once without missing deadlines

  • Keen attention to detail, double checks and edits all work prior to submitting for review, able to spot errors as well as notices when something needs to be changed or updated online

  • Knowledgeable in Adobe Creative Suite programs especially Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign

  • Artistic and creative, able to come up with and carry out ideas for imagery to be used online

  • Experience in graphic design or creative writing for marketing purposes a plus


The content associate assists the marketing department in all things content – from components needed for social media posts to website copy, the content associate is an integral member of the team that makes things happen. This position directly reports to the Digital Content Manager and works alongside the content writers and social media coordinators in assisting them update content for the Vanilla Video website and social media account. This position is a great learning opportunity for anyone looking to get into the exciting world of online / social media content marketing.

The content associate is a highly organized and intrinsically motivated individual that enjoys spending time gathering information and making necessary phone calls and appointments. The content associate ensures the right people are ready to go when it comes to creating content for Vanilla Video to use online. This means reserving studio space, setting up meetings, ordering supplies, and communicating tasks and action items with members of the team expected to carry out various parts of a project.

When not working out logistics and details for content projects, the content associate sits in on brain storming and planning session. This role involves a great deal of learning, especially the goings-on of the marketing department. While largely responsible for keeping things organized and maintaining order for content related projects, the content associate provides creative input and is one step ahead of schedule.

Responsibilities & Duties

The content associate works along various members of the Marketing Department to ensure all content projects are completed and ready to upload in a timely manner. While reporting directly to the Digital Content Manager, the Content Associate also takes direction from a variety of marketing managers as well as the Social Media Coordinator and Content Writers. The Content Associate participates in content marketing brain storming sessions and keeps projects off the back burner by ensuring even the smallest content pieces are completed.

For highly involved content pieces, the Content Associate is typically responsible for scheduling Vanilla Video personnel to the project, especially if photography and videography is involved. For most content pieces the Content Associate should be able to handle and necessary video and photo requirements, however larger projects may involve additional videographers or even production assistants. The Content Associate is comfortable working with others and delegating tasks to team members and following up appropriately regarding status in order to complete a content project on time.

A helpful member of the marketing department, the Content Associate is always ready to go with a plan and a smile. Organized and ahead of schedule, this marketing professional is always ready to try something new or get started on another project. The Content Associate is often asked to help brain storm or draft up content for social media, our official company blog, podcasts, and Vanilla Video marketing videos.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video via online content marketing strategy

  • Excited to collaborate with others especially when it comes to creating visual and compelling content for online marketing purposes

  • Willing and ready to learn in a fast paced environment

  • Personable and clear in all communication, helps team members complete complex tasks and take as much off their plates as possible

  • Natural love of learning, keen observer and note taker, always looking to improve as a marketing professional

  • Up to date on necessary trends in content marketing especially on social media

  • Interested in becoming a higher-level marketing professional within Vanilla Video

  • Critical thinker with creative problem solving skills, uses resources and information available before asking for help

  • Cooperative and willing to work in a team environment, diligent in completing their part of a project and ensuring it is done completely and without error

  • Specialization in a particular industry or social media channel a plus

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