Communications Assistant

Job Summary

Preparing for a role in upper management at Vanilla Video, the Communications Assistant approaches every task with the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional in the video production industry. Previously working as a Junior Videographer, Photographer, or Production Assistant – the Communications Assistant is already an expert in all things Vanilla Video.

Responsible for supporting all communications coming in and going out of Vanilla Video, the Communications Assistant represents Vanilla Video accurately in all messages. A liaison between sales and marketing departments, the Communications Assistant helps account executives, business developers, and customer service representatives while working with current and potential customers. The go-to person for all things Vanilla Video, the Communications Assistant assists the successful creation of all external sales communication from e-mail newsletters, brochures, sales PDFs, and automated text campaigns.

Occasionally popping in and working with the marketing department on content development, the Communications Assistant is primarily responsible for communications directly related to successful sales of Vanilla Video products and services. While not expected to write every document on their own, they work with various members of the creative department to create and incorporate their projects into everyday activities of the sales force.

Communications Assistant

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Key Qualifications

  • Prior work experience at Vanilla Video as a Junior Videographer/Photographer or Production Assistant for at least 2-3 years.

  • Strong communication skills, especially in e-mail and telephone exchanges

  • Capable of taking direction without needing close supervision, typically receives direction from upper management in the sales department and works with the creative team to produce desired deliverables

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, as well as Adobe Creative Suite

  • Decisive and diligent, knows when to ask for help and when to make a decision on their own

  • Willing to accept criticism, this is a learning role that does require time and dedication

  • Understanding of sales at Vanilla Video, able to make the connection between marketing efforts and sales numbers

  • Willing to take direction and manage priorities independently, task list does not need to be clearly defined by someone else

  • Readiness to take initiative and bring forth positive changes in the Vanilla Video communications strategy

  • Honest and ethical approach to sales communication, just as Vanilla Video tells the truth when it comes to Video Production, the same is expected of the sales force and auxiliary staff

  • Cooperative in nature, willing to work and collaborate with others in order to produce necessary sales tools

  • Basic understanding of business terminology and metrics, can keep up during departmental/team meetings

  • Openness and willing to learn, patient during training exercises, spends more time listening and learning prior to jumping into a task without clear understanding


The Communications Assistant does everything possible to help the sales force work with potential and existing customers. While not directly a part of the marketing department, the Communications Assistant works with members of the Marketing Department to create sales presentations, PDFs and e-mail newsletters that help customers make their final decisions or learn more about video production with Vanilla Video.

This is an entry-level marketing/sales/business development role where a great deal of learning, trial and error, and growth is expected. While wearing many hats can be stressful, the Communications Assistant handles a fast-paced business environment with ease while managing deadlines and shifting priorities. The Communications Assistant provides a huge relief to account executives and customer support representatives. These are members of the Vanilla Video team that help our customers make huge decisions when it comes to their video productions, however they often find themselves repeating the same information over and over again.

The Communications Assistant is able to take suggestions and feedback from the Account Executives and Customer Support Reps to create communication collateral that makes their jobs easier and customers happier. Excellent at managing deadlines and shifting priorities, the Communications Assistant is capable of working on a team which manages several other projects.

Responsibilities & Duties

Responsible for creating and carrying out a variety of communications via e-mail, telephone, print, and even social media – the Communications Assistant manages small auxiliary projects serving to ease the workload for sales and customer service teams. These team members often find themselves sharing the same types of information with customers, and oftentimes wish they could just have a document to send to the customer rather than typing up new responses or giving long speeches over the phone. While these things will always be necessary, sales PDFs and presentations make it easy for account executives to guide their customers throughout the video production process.

The Communications Assistant wears a lot of hats at Vanilla Video, from helping the Assistant Event Planner set up for large client meetings, to formulating e-mail blasts – the Communications Assistant is ready to learn all things sales and marketing at Vanilla Video. Though rather new efforts, the Communications Assistant heads the e-mail newsletter and SMS texting campaigns Vanilla Video uses to connect with existing customers. In these short interactions, the Communications Assistant allows Vanilla Video to leave an impression on customers who have worked with us before. A master communicator and creative writer, the Communications Assistant is always thinking of fresh ways to interact with existing customers.

Outside of working with our dedicated team of Account Executives and Customer Service Representatives, the Communications Assistant also works alongside the Business Development department. The VP of Business Development and the Business Developer require a great deal of communication support, not only in e-mail and direct communication with the clients but also in filling out necessary documentation and applications. Whenever clients request lengthy proposals or quotes, the Communications Assistant works with the Business Development Team to create something that ensures Vanilla Video sticks out from the video production crowd.

Additional Requirements

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Comfortable in a largely customer facing role working within a variety of departments

  • Understanding of Vanilla Video branding and marketing communication guidelines

  • Enthusiastic about growing within a booming industry

  • Passionate about increasing the reach and business of Vanilla Video

  • Cooperative, friendly, and helpful attitude – a largely supporting role, the Communication Assistant needs to be ready to help in any way possible

  • Excited about video production, especially at Vanilla Video

  • Enjoys working in a creative capacity, understanding of typography, layout design, photography and graphic design

  • Ability to create social media posts on behalf of Vanilla Video whenever the opportunity arises

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