Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Job Summary

Founded out of a small suburban apartment in the greater Chicagoland area – Vanilla Video is founded on honest business practices and simplicity. Many concepts resemble the heart of Chicago, where architecture form follows function. Likewise, video production at Vanilla Video is designed around the end function. The video made here is simple, straight-forward, reliably produced and delivered on time. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for fortifying the Vanilla Video brand through market trends and substantiating the videography service as quite different from competition. Office and team culture is inevitably maintained by the CEO, with standards being upheld and certain behaviors enforced, reinforced or reproved as necessary.

At Vanilla Video there are no President titles; and, there is only one Chief position to maintain a clear working hierarchy for internal employees. The highest positions after CEO are Vice-President role titles, as the CEO is implicitly expected to be “Chief of Every Department” and President of every sector of business operations.

Therefore, the Chief Executive Officer works to smooth business operations on a big picture scale. By listening to team members, shareholders and especially company VPs (e.g., the Vice President of Sales or the Vice President of Video Production), the CEO is responsible for developing and maintaining a vision for the company across all departments. This includes setting goals / milestones to achieve growth, as well as culling bad ideas and refocusing on important aspects of the business operations. Many times, the CEO is responsible for prioritizing projects, or in what order the team needs to execute in order to move forward.

Understanding web technologies and how to intersect video production with online sales methods is a huge advantage for the management team at Vanilla Video. Tech savviness allows the CEO to improve operational budget efficiency for the team while building a better customer experience. The Chief Executive Officer is also a provider of stability, structure and discipline to the team. Part of the CEO’s role is educating employees and providing insights into “Why” the work is done a certain way. The Chief Executive Officer has the most access to data, customer insights and business relationships throughout the company. It is only through our CEO the company can change directions, markets, refocusing efforts, etc. Ultimately, product / operational issues are sorted out by the CEO when aspects of the customer experience are in question; i.e., it is the responsibility of the CEO to form an opinion on how Vanilla Video “should be” and what it “should not be” for customers.

The CEO approaches problems with creativity and puts care into every project. Though change is necessary and inevitable, especially in such a tech-focused role – the CEO applies decisiveness prior to making changes in efforts not to disrupt current operations. The Chief Executive Officer must show resolve in the face of disagreements from time-to-time in order to carry out a larger vision for the company. General character traits should include: steadfastness, patience, good listening, extreme diligence and long-term planner.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Experience: 10+ Years

  • Education: Bachelor’s / MBA

  • Type: Corporate-Level Position

  • Class: C-Level Executive

  • Pay: Not Available

    Performance Based Salary.

    C-Level Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • People skills are an advantage, although Vanilla Video is a highly autonomous organization.

  • Demonstrate a strong business acumen, with a history of business development experience preferred.

  • Understand video and general video production, and all aspects including sales, marketing, etc.

  • Ability to lead from afar, while stepping in when necessary and upholding current company culture

  • Receptive to feedback: Taking customer, employee, shareholder comments and turning it into action

  • Places wellbeing of employees and satisfaction of customers of Vanilla Video first, above shareholders

  • Interested in startups, and eager to explore new perspectives to disrupt stagnant markets


The CEO is responsible for analyzing and interpreting the current state of the business, as well as the market place and making decisions to expand Vanilla Video. The CEO lives and breathes business, constantly thinking of ways to improve the way work is done, as well as the products that customers receive. Putting others first is a must in this role – as decisions made immediately impact team members as well as customers.

Though excited to hear feedback and ideas, the CEO must uphold a clear understanding of Vanilla Video as a brand. Responsible for communicating the vision for continuing to build Vanilla Video – the CEO ensures every team member is on the same page. Over time, customers interacting with Vanilla Video online, over the phone, and in person get to know one brand, one set of tools that can satisfy their needs for video.

Vanilla Video is a techy entrant to the video production marketplace. No-nonsense business strategy, effortless user experience, and quick delivery separate Vanilla Video from the rest. The CEO is responsible upholding these values in an ever-changing environment.

Responsibilities & Duties

The CEO is responsible for maintaining and upholding standards and values developed at Vanilla Video since inception. After coming this far, Vanilla Video is ready to continue expanding further into the video marketplace, especially in a video-centric society. The CEO of Vanilla Video looks beyond what everyone else is doing and instead decides what they should be doing. Keeping customers in mind every step of the way, Vanilla Video’s continued growth depends on making video more accessible to everyone.

Before building anything further – the CEO is responsible for the employees and customers of Vanilla Video. Adopting a hands-off, lead-from-afar approach to management, the CEO implements various tools and systems to keep everyone organized and accountable for their work. When a need arises, the CEO makes changes and improvements to current systems and tools and if necessary – makes something completely from scratch. When it comes to customers, Vanilla Video maintains high standards when delivering footage to customers, and will revise any edit until a customer is satisfied.

The CEO constantly looks for areas of improvement that will lead to Vanilla Video’s expansion beyond Chicagoland. While recently introducing out-of-state video package pricing, the next step for Vanilla Video is to expand to another market. This distant goal can be made a reality only by continuing to improve Vanilla Video as it stands, meaning allowing Vanilla Video to outgrow its current position before jumping into sprouting somewhere new too soon.

In times of rapid growth, the CEO is responsible for bringing on and overseeing the training of new employees. Hiring decisions are made in partnership with current management, cultural fit being a main priority. An effective CEO understands the implications of hiring additional team members and minimizes risks in doing so.

Oftentimes what the CEO does can be compared to a mechanic replacing tires on a car while it continues to drive. At Vanilla Video – there is not time to pause or room for mistakes. Of course, should either of those happen it is up to the CEO to smooth things over and help things get back to normal. While the vision will always be to grow Vanilla Video, the CEO stops at all costs to protect employees and ensure customer satisfaction.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about Vanilla Video’s mission, mission statement and company history

  • Ability to bring new ideas to the table, use creativity to enhance current business operations

  • Team oriented leader that recognizes accomplishments as well as employee growth opportunities

  • Firm understanding of video production, web development, coding application software, business, businss development, marketing, advertising, general people skills, networking, etc.

  • Strategic business sense and understanding of branding

  • Strong leadership and diligence skills: including time and resource management

  • Character traits that inpsire coworkers to improve, inlcuding life skills or habits worth emulating (e.g., healthy, humble, prudent). Positively influencing the team spirit / culture.

  • Refrains from excessive risk taking and knows how to take calculated risks with a high chance of success.

  • Able to identify problem areas within the business, especially operational or budget issues whereby economies of scale can improve circumstances.

  • Basic accounting knowledge is essential, as the CEO works with the VP of Finance: skills include understanding profit & loss, balance sheets and cash flow management.

  • Can handle immense amounts of pressure and remain conscious of co-worker livelihood and dependance upon company resources / paychecks.

  • Empathize or understand employees, having worked directly in video production is an absolute requirement for the CEO.

  • Delegation and strategic resource planning capabilities, especially knowing which persons can handle what tasks and to what extent, while also considering weaknesses and strengths of team members.

  • Extremely familiar with core values / story of Vanilla Video, having worked as a Videographer at Vanilla Video.

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