Branch Post Production Manager

Job Summary

The editing savvy counterpart to the Branch Operations Manager, the Branch Post Production Manager handles all things post production for several locations within a 100 mile radius. This means that the Chicago Branch Managers are responsible for all video production activities in Chicago, suburbs and other cities within a specified radius like Indianapolis, IN and Rockford, IL.

Alongside the Branch Ops Manager, the Branch Post Manager directs Post Production Supervisors in maintaining profitability at their respective locations. They take the time to learn the strengths and weaknesses in the editing room at every store they are responsible for and spend time training and implementing programs to improve the editing process not only for videographers but for our end customers as well.

The key to success in this role is a clear understanding of the Vanilla Video business model which can only be gained by previous experience within the company. We champion hiring from within because we value our employees and want to see them grow with us. This position is perfect for someone with a passion for editing and time spent in a role like Creative Director, Senior Videographer, or Post Production Supervisor at any given Vanilla Video location.

Branch Video Post Production Manager

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Operations

  • Pay: $20.00 - 25.00 / hour

    Approx. $41.6k - 52k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Understanding of the Vanilla Video approach to the editing process gained via a role as Senior Videographer, Creative Director or Post Production Supervisor for at least 2-3 years

  • Team player with leadership skills, able to lead dynamic groups of people from afar, typically using Post Production Supervisors and other key players as mouth pieces

  • High level communication skills, especially via telephone calls, web conferences, and e-mail

  • Strategic prioritization of tasks and allocation of resources without a great deal of decision making time

  • Analytical skills, ability to digest data and make inferences based on the numbers

  • Managerial skills necessary for carrying out complex projects and plans without disrupting day to day activities

  • Ability to coordinate with a variety of people, able to manage their own calendar and contacts

  • Geographic expertise of their assigned location, understands trends within video production target markets within territory

  • Creative approach to problem solving, video production, and editing technique

  • Knowledgeable of various video and photo editing resources, ability to educate and instruct others in their use

  • Excellent command of Adobe Creative software, including After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator

  • Constantly considering improvements for the team and their effects on profitability


Years of experience within Vanilla Video breeds expertise in video production and editing, making for perfectly qualified candidates for any role in upper management, sales, and marketing. Branch Post Production Managers play an integral role for their respective territories, not only in keeping things running smoothly in the editing room but ensuring every location operates profitably.

Leading Post Production Supervisors and Creative Directors whenever they need assistance or guidance with a project plays a large part of the Branch Post Production Manager’s role. However, they also spend a great deal of time receiving and analyzing direction given to them from Regional Operations Managers and Regional Post Production Managers. They need to ensure every minute spent in the editing room is a profitable one. Taking directives and working alongside their respective Branch Ops Manager, the Branch Post Production Manager brings changes to their branch seamlessly.

Excellent teamwork ability and people skills are a huge must. While maintaining our carefully crafted company culture is huge, the Branch Post Production Manager must remain disciplined and dedicated in every aspect of their role. Though change can be difficult to adopt, the Branch Post Production Manager provides proper guidance and training in order to incorporate new activities and operations in the editing room. With the best interest of their team in mind, the Branch Post Production Manager is able to coordinate with a variety of individuals in order to ensure all programs, equipment and training is up to date ensuring smooth operations in the editing room.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Branch Post Production Manager takes responsibility for all activities in the editing room(s) belonging to their respective territory. They work closely with Post Production Supervisors, advising them how to approach various projects. Their leadership skills in turn help shape and grow team members at every level at Vanilla Video. Though their positions may not be highly visible a successful Branch Post Manager leaves a positive impact on their teams.

Keen organizational skills allow the Branch Post Manager to be successful – they are constantly coordinating with a variety of individuals to improve and maintain existing processes. They maintain repair lists and call third party help whenever necessary. If a customer comes with specialized needs, they work with Account Managers and Creative Directors to get a game plan and an accurate quote.

Should there be any glaring issues or downward trends with a particular team, the Branch Post Production Manager combats poor habits with proper training measures. This could mean anything from a Vanilla Video Editing Boot Camp to working with the sales force to improve quoting accuracy. An expert in all things editing, the Branch Post Production Manager understands how long various types of edits take and the value of each. Their knowledge and expertise informs others on staff, especially when it comes to pricing and resource allocation. The Branch Post Production Manager is able to analyze editing budget reports and provide training and insight to the teams that need it most, in turn improving profitability and preventing major losses via human error.

Additional Requirements

  • Enthusiasm for growing Vanilla Video as a business

  • Professionalism when dealing with team members, vendors, and customers

  • Positively cultivates brand personality both on and off the clock

  • Willing to travel and work alongside editors in the editing room in extreme cases

  • Enjoys training others and teaching them new skills

  • Excited to grow as a professional within a dynamic startup environment

  • Command of industry knowledge and always looking to learn more and improve as an individual

  • Excellent leadership skills, leads by example rather than fear or pressure

  • Thrives in fast-paced environments with changing priorities and hard deadlines

  • Dedicated to working to open new Vanilla Video locations in their territory and beyond

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