Branch Operations Manager

Job Summary

Each Vanilla Video location is managed by a Branch Operations Manager. Ops Managers act as "Store Managers" and coordinate their specific branch's video production activities within about a 100 mile radius. For example, the Chicago Branch Operations Manager is in charge of all video production activities in Chicago, suburbs, and other cities within range, e.g., Milwaukee, WI and Rockford, IL.

The Branch Operations Manager position is the highest Non-Corporate Level position available to employees. An Operations Manager may be responsible for one or more physical Vanilla Video locations. Typically, a Branch Operations Manager is the final, and highest-level decision maker within their territory; offering guidance and advisory to Creative Directors, Senior Videographers, Junior Videographers, and Editors alike.

As a Branch Operations Manager, you will be almost entirely removed from filmmaking and video production. Instead, you will be focused on the birds-eye view of all video productions taking place within your territory. As Operations Manager of your specific branch, it is your duty to maintain a budget, hours, schedule, and coordinate resources within your physical Vanilla Video locations and the resources at each location.

Branch Operations Manager

  • Experience: 2-5 Years

  • Education: Bachelor's Preferred

  • Type: Mid-Level Management

  • Class: Operations

  • Pay: $22.00 - 28.00 / hour

    Approx. $45.8k - 58.2k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.

  • A consistent track-record of executing Vanilla Video's Mission Statement and Long-term Vision.

  • Passionate about Vanilla Video culture; A brand advocate — keeping & promoting positive culture.

  • Ability to quickly prioritize projects and resources. Supply chain management experience a plus.

  • Digest advanced business strategies and simplify / delegate tasks to videographers & editors.

  • Contribute new ideas, streamline processes, and re-think work processes to improve quality.

  • Summarize issues and areas for improvements — and create reports for C-Level Executives.

  • At least one year of Vanilla Video experience as a Senior Videographer or Creative Director.

  • 95%+ Positive feedback from projects you've worked on as a Videographer or Creative Director.


As a Branch Operations Manager, you will spend very little time in the field working on video productions. Instead, you will typically spot-check Creative Directors, Senior Videographers, Junior Videographers and Editors. Your chief responsibility in addition to territory management, is to improve the skillsets of each employee that reports to you. Your ultimate goal as Branch Operations Manager is to maintain and improve product quality by training, ensuring proper procedures are being followed, re-working or creating new workflows as required, and to enhance the effectiveness of our entire team.

As an Operations Manager of your specific territory, you have demonstrated full competency in the Vanilla Video style of products and services. It is your duty to find ways to maintain that product quality, production after production. As an Operations Manager, you may oversee several thousand video productions every year. Our corporate level executives expect you to learn from those customer interactions, and improve your territory's performance year over year. That is, you will be directly held accountable for the customer satisfaction, product quality, employee happiness, resource utilization, and budgeting within your territory.

Vanilla Video prefers to internally recruit personnel to this position. Our employment philosophy is to provide career paths for every individual who chooses to join our team. We evaluate Senior Videographers, Senior Video Editors, and Creative Directors for their eligibility for promotion to Operation Manager — and actively encourage all employees to "do more", go above and beyond, and take on more responsibilities. As a Senior Videographer or Creative Director, our team will be training and preparing you for a role as a Branch Operations Manager — whether you choose to advance or not is irrelevant; we are always training and learning.

Advancement opportunity from Brand Operations Manager may involve joining subsidiary businesses of Vanilla Video, promotion to one of our Corporate-Level Executive positions, or travelling the country to train other Branch Operation Managers.

Responsibilities & Duties

Your cheif duties as a Branch Operations Manager will be to ensure the smooth operation of all video productions within your territory. That will entail coordinating with office locations, videographers, editors, and sales teams.

In addition to managing and coordinating equipment and personnel resources, you will be held accountable for your territory's financial performance, as well as the execution and carrying out of specific goals.

As cheif decision maker for your Vanilla Video territory, you will be responsible for mitigating and managing client concerns. Escalated client issues, sales activities, and other business critical tasks will be your direct responsibility.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about Vanilla Video's Mission

  • Highly analytical and well organized

  • Outstanding leadership abilities

  • Ability to motivate others in reaching goals

  • Strong decision-making abilities

  • Strong problem solving skills

  • Prioritization & time management abilities

  • Detail oriented; extreme attention to detail

  • Excellent customer service abilities

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