Assistant Event Planner

Job Summary

The Event Planner’s right-hand, the Assistant Event Planner completes any tasks necessary to create a successful Vanilla Video event. Vanilla Video hosts and participates in a variety of events throughout the course of the year, they range anywhere from celebration parties, client meetings, to conferences and lectures. While each type of event involves a variety of groups of people, the Assistant Event Planner assists in every phase of planning, hosting or attending an event.

Together, the Event Planner and the Assistant coordinate everything event or meeting related at Vanilla Video. While a great deal of their responsibilities surround internal meetings and events, the event planning duo also coordinate Vanilla Video attendance at vendor and industry related events. Additionally, the Event Planner and Assistant work alongside the Marketing Department to host events related to increasing customer’s awareness of Vanilla Video.

The Assistant Event Planner is outgoing and social, while also highly organized and motivated to succeed. Responsible for providing assistance to the Event Planner and coordinate with various members of Vanilla Video including the Social Marketing team, and the Content Team, the Assistant Event Planner helps make any event Vanilla Video is involved in a success.

Assistant Event Planner

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Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability to be an integral part of the team as a Junior Videographer, Production Assistant, or Junior Photographer for at least 2-3 years.

  • Highly effective written and verbal communication skills, able to have quick meetings with a variety of team members throughout the day, as well as send and field emails and phone calls from customers and vendors

  • Strong leadership and management skills, leads by example, is always organized and ready to help in any given situation

  • Knowledge and passion for video production at Vanilla Video

  • Willingness to leave the office to run errands, make deliveries, and pick things up for events, works closely with the Shipping & Receiving Manager to coordinate large shipments and deliveries

  • Thrives in a fast-paced, hard deadline driven environment with shifting priorities

  • Follows through on all tasks, reports back to Event Planner multiple times per day providing status updates and receiving direction, next steps

  • Autonomous, able to work on projects individually without constant supervision

  • Knowledge of social media platforms, may work with Event / Live Streaming Production-Technician to set up social media live streams, or with Social Media Coordinator to write, create, post event-related content

  • Prior experience (even as a high school or college student) in customer service, retail, or sales a plus


The Assistant Event Planner is a detail oriented, highly organized go-getter that makes events successful and fun. Led by the Event Planner, the two host and attend a variety of events on behalf of Vanilla Video. From scheduling large client meetings in our own office to attending trade shows – the Assistant Event Planner ensures every detail is solid and ready to go prior to an event.

Vanilla Video hosts a variety of events for marketing purposes. From Informational Sessions about our product offerings in Business, Wedding, Music, Sports, and Event Videos to Thank You Events for our customers events help Vanilla Video stand out as the leader in video production in Chicago, and nationwide. Marketing related events involve a great deal of coordination between the marketing team, event speakers, and outside vendors. The Assistant Event Planner helps coordinate all of the logistics and details between everyone involved, so that team members can continue focusing on their main roles and responsibilities.

Friendly and well-liked by the entire team, the Assistant Event Planner is the one that takes suggestions from the rest of the team regarding upcoming team events including weekly team meetings, incoming employee interviews, and celebrations. At Vanilla Video, we celebrate our employees and the Assistant Event Planner helps ensure everyone has a good time and is well fed during our team events.

Responsibilities & Duties

For the Assistant Event Planner, there is no such thing as a typical day. On top of coordinating with dozens of videographers filming all across the city, Vanilla Video hosts and attends a variety of events. While some are merely to understand a customer’s needs better, other events Vanilla Video hosts and attends are more involved and require quite a bit more coordination and planning.

Regardless of the event, the Assistant Event Planner makes arrangements with vendors and Vanilla Video staff leading up to an event. For client meetings, the Assistant Event Planner works alongside the Account Executive to decide on a date, time, and location. The Assistant Event Planner thinks of every detail possible to ensure the meeting goes well, even if it is just a short one. They do research on parking and ensure the Account Executive and any other attendees have necessary documents and presentations they would like to bring with them.

For Event Marketing occasions, the Assistant Event Planner works alongside the marketing team in planning an engaging and memorable event. As the leader in video production, Vanilla Video possesses a lot of knowledge about the industry. Sharing this knowledge is a good thing and fosters many positive relationships with a variety of people, from future customers to potential vendors and partners. The Assistant Event Planner learns the impact an event has on a target market and helps the marketing team ensure the event message is clear and pronounced throughout the entire event.

Largely a role full of learning opportunities, the Assistant Event Planner should be ready and willing to help in any way possible. Not only a keen organizer and coordinator, the Assistant Event Planner understands marketing and social media. While not required to make or post status updates, the Assistant Event Planner helps the Social Marketing Coordinator in composing content for a variety of social media channels.

The Assistant Event Planner loves planning and hosting events that wow attendees. Approaching every event with a creative touch and a care for the guests brings warmth to the Vanilla Video brand, which is as concerned with capturing special moments as telling a business’ story. After a short time in this role, the Assistant Event Planner is expected to be knowledgeable on Event Marketing and should be able to provide insight to the sales force and customers about hosting a successful event and capturing the right moments on camera.

Additional Requirements

  • Interest and enjoyment in learning more about event planning, attending high profile events, finding new ways to incorporate video into customer events

  • Ability to provide insight and advice to customers planning special events including Business Events, Family Events, and Weddings

  • Detail oriented, concerned with making an event fun and enjoyable for everyone

  • Outgoing and social, enjoys meeting new people and is not afraid to talk in front of a crowd

  • Understanding of planning, coordination, and organization within Vanilla Video

  • Enjoys working in a cross functional role, understands marketing terminology and practices especially related to Vanilla Video

  • Interest in growing within Vanilla Video either with a promotion to Event Planner or another Marketing related position

  • Truly cares about people, excited about planning fun events for employees, customers, and partners alike

  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video in Chicagoland and beyond

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