Assistant Operations Manager

Job Summary

The Assistant Branch Operations Manager is responsible for supporting the Branch Operations Manager at a single Vanilla Video location. Vanilla Video locations with a larger geographic service area may involve multiple Assistant Branch Operations Managers, though this is rare. Previous experience within Vanilla Video makes the Assistant Branch Operations Manager an expert on Vanilla Video branding, policy, procedures as well as the marketplace climate their location operates within.

As the Branch Operations Manager’s right hand, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager helps oversee all activity within a branch. These team members are constantly analyzing performance, revenue, profit, and expenses while looking for ways to improve operations within their respective branches. Though they serve as Assistants to the Branch Operations Managers, they are expected to operate autonomously and always acting within the best interest of the Branch and Vanilla Video as a whole.

Assistant Branch Operations Managers support their Branch Operations Manager by managing budget, hours, schedule, and coordinating tools and resources. This means maintaining a running list of repairs and assisting in the hiring and on-boarding process whenever necessary. Typically removed from video production activities, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager ensures that Vanilla Video remains a great place for a videographer to work by keeping everything running smoothly.

Assistant Branch Operations Manager

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Operations

  • Pay: $16.00 - 24.00 / hour

    Approx. $33.3k - 49.9k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • At least one year of experience as a Senior Videographer or Creative Director at Vanilla Video

  • Understanding of Vanilla Video Mission Statement and Long-term Vision, ability to adhere to branding guidelines and company policy / procedures

  • Knowledgeable of OSHA safety standards, ensures Vanilla Video locations are safe for all employees

  • Personable, excited to work with a dynamic team and advise less experienced members

  • Decisive and resourceful, ability to make decisions quickly in order to solve a problem

  • Eager to work alongside and learn from the Branch Operations Manager

  • Professional oral and written communication skills, ability to clearly communicate with a variety of different types of people

  • Industry knowledge and competitive awareness, always looking to ensure Vanilla Video has an edge over competition

  • Expert level understanding of all the equipment we use, coordinates maintenance and repairs

  • Handles day-to-day operations tasks, coordinates with Shipping & Receiving, and communicates any necessary tasks/events to the team

  • Analytical and statistical business knowledge, ability to analyze branch performance and create a report for the Branch Operations Manager

  • Ability to take a high-level strategy and execute it via team members, explains concepts clearly and delegates tasks whenever necessary

  • Project management skills, follows through on every task or project


The Assistant Branch Operations Manager handles tasks and projects to support the Branch Operations Manager. This could mean presenting candidates for a potential new hire opportunity or leading the team in a branch wide project or event. Generally tasked with any projects the Branch Operations Manager assigns, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager leads and delegates projects that enhance the branch’s profitability and operations.

Always an internal hire, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager is expected to maintain a positive culture within a branch and ensure Vanilla Video is a safe place to work. Learning from the Branch Operations Manager, the Assistant gains insight in Vanilla Video performance and understands the numbers behind our success. While growing the business is a team effort, the Branch Operations Managers and their Assistant constantly work together to ensure maximum profit while maintaining reasonable expenses.

Regularly looking for ways to optimize budgets or resources, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager brings a creative approach to problem solving. Closer to the employees than the Branch Operations Manager, the assistant is able to advise on necessary improvements and changes required to maintain the team’s high performance. Should performance sink, either in sales or quality – the Assistant Branch Operations Manager helps in formulating a plan to solve the issues.

Responsibilities & Duties

Alongside the Branch Operations Manager, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager ensures all activities within a Vanilla Video bring forth profit and maintain company culture. Our founding members and team worked hard to build a company where employees are trusted and not micro-managed. While keeping a close eye on branch activities is important, the Operations team does not scrutinize over minutes or pennies. Rather, they consider the average and work to make improvements that benefit both the company and the well-being of the employees.

Closer to the employees than the numbers, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager helps Branch Managers and Regional Branch Managers make important decisions or implement new projects and plans. Change is shocking for any team – our Assistant Branch Operations Manager works with employees to adopt changes rather than resist them. As a growing company, change occurs frequently and is inevitable. Though our hiring process seeks out candidate that can work without being severely affected by changes, it is important that someone supports them throughout adjustments and developments. This means providing training and answering questions, or even helping new hires get their feet wet.

When a new branch opens, Assistant Branch Operations Managers are responsible for maintaining order at their home location while also helping the Branch Operations Manager in the launch of a new location. These launches require diligence and organization, nothing can slip through the cracks at existing locations and the new locations require several days of set up and on-boarding.

Day-to-day responsibilities may vary, though in particular, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager guides the employees at a single location. They ensure that everything works properly and coordinate with outside vendors and employees when a repair comes up. Always considering the growth and training of our videographers, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager steps in to provide assistance and teach new techniques as often as possible. Crunching numbers is also a large part of the job, the Assistant Branch Operations Manager provides data and reports on a daily basis. These figures inform the decisions and actions made by the Branch Operations Manager, and in turn the mindset of the team.

Additional Requirements

  • Understanding of basic business statistics and data reporting

  • Ability to create succinct and engaging presentations

  • Team oriented, always considers the benefit of the group rather than an individual

  • Organized, able to coordinate tasks with others

  • Passionate about team members, works to ensure they are safe and satisfied with work

  • Enthusiastic about growing Vanilla Video nationwide

  • Aspiring a higher position within Vanilla Video, either as a Branch Operations Manager or beyond

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