Animation Artist

Job Summary

Animators make the world more delightful – especially in the realm of video production.

At Vanilla Video, everything is a team effort – animators work with a project team to brainstorm, envision, and create animations for customer projects. This position involves working closely with Creative Directors and Account Managers to take direction necessary to adhere to client guidelines and project expectations. Of course, we love expert advice and passing it along to customers. All team members at Vanilla Video are expected to share their creative thoughts with the team, we always want to present the best work possible to our clients.

An animator at Vanilla Video is a master graphic artist and illustrator. They approach every project with a fresh mind and never duplicate imagery in order to ensure every client is receiving something truly unique and tailored to their needs. Animators here love collaborating and trying out new ideas with the team, while also taking the time to dive into their work and ironing out every little detail so the video delivered is just right. Perfectionism is not required but we do expect everyone on the team to strive for the best.

Animation Artist

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Video Post Production

  • Pay: $15.00 - 25.00 / hour

    Approx. $31.2k - 52k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Strong artistic ability

  • Knowledge of video editing and post-production processing

  • Able to use computer software to generate computer animation

  • Must be able to work in a team with other teammates across Vanilla Video to create the best product possible

  • Capable of meeting deadlines

  • Able to receive criticism and rejection

  • Adapt design and art to meet the needs of a client or other team members

  • Strong communication skills

  • Able to grasp and animate a Creative Director’s vision for the project

  • Able to follow instructions

  • Possess a deep knowledge of Adobe Flash, or able to learn the system quickly

  • Prior experience as a Vanilla Video Junior Videographer (2-3 years)

  • Passionate about visual storytelling regardless of subject matter

  • Creative and imaginative, constantly cultivates ideas and brings them to life

  • Capable of working in a customer facing capacity

  • Fast learner – entrusted with communicating company offerings to customers

  • Effective communication skills among team, customers, and vendors

  • Passion for animation, graphic design, motion graphics, proficiency in necessary software including Adobe Creative Suite and PremierPro

  • Master of video production fundamentals especially when it comes to basic videography and video editing

  • Natural leadership ability to guide and mentor others on the team, regardless of position

  • Excitement and eagerness to work in a creative field, try new things, interact with clients, other vendors, and diverse group of coworkers

  • Artistically inclined, while still having some business sense – able to keep up in monthly meetings regarding company, team, personal performance

  • Up to date on animation trends, skills, programs, techniques, and constantly learning more

  • Interested in growing professionally in a start-up environment, where time and experience any position can become a managerial role

  • Capable of working diligently without supervision

  • Carefully examines customer needs and expectations prior to beginning work

  • Proper stylistic judgement, understands when to cut back and when to go all out depending on message customer would like to send to their audience

  • Fresh and original – able to create own ideas without copying from others, or previous work

  • Successful while working in a collaborative environment especially alongside Creative Directors, Videographers, Editors, Motion Graphics Animators, and Graphic Artists

  • Willingness to go above and beyond for the team’s efforts and overall growth of the company

  • Highly organized and capable of managing multiple projects in a fast-paced climate with shifting priorities and hard deadlines, developed project management skills

  • Firm command of basic animation skills, we stand behind following the rules extremely well before breaking them in all artistic endeavors

  • Applies stylistic design knowledge to every aspect of a project, grasps proper use of font and typography in design

  • Expert in the human anatomy

  • Defined and unique approach to animation, maintains a versatile style that is easily projected across a wide variety of projects

  • Strong character development ability, skilled in creating beautiful and expressive characters

  • Clear understanding of video production for marketing related purposes, able to tell a story that works within the customer’s marketing plan


Animators bring screen time to life. Our animators work alongside our project staff to create animations that cannot be scrolled past, regardless of their message. Integral members of the project team, they collaborate closely with videographers, editors, graphic artists, motion graphics designers, and staff writers all under the direction of the Creative Director. They frequently receive guidance from Account Managers in order to have a better understanding of customer needs and expectations.

Every employee at Vanilla Video is expected to understand the basics of filming. All positions require at least 2-3 years of experience as a Junior Videographer because we cherish our culture. It does take about 2-3 years to truly “get it” at any workplace, and we think the same goes for Vanilla Video. We do well because we have a strong team of creative professionals that love their jobs and care about each other. Their hard work goes a long way, happy customers tell their friends and frequently return. Animators at Vanilla Video not only know everything there is to know about our approach to Video Production, but how we treat customers and the rest of the team. Everyone is expected to be organized, accurate, and do what it takes to make a customer happy.

Our animators are experts at all things visual. They love adding that minor detail to make a video just a hint better. They care about their work and about the customers that come to Vanilla Video for their video production needs. At Vanilla Video, animation is a tall order and we only employ those who are up for it. Our animators are design experts who love creating characters for any purpose. With animation, they can make boring topics more interesting and easy to understand. While their primary talent lies in artistic endeavors, animators at Vanilla Video understand how their work affects the narrative of the video. Our animators work very closely with customers and understand how to suit their needs, they know how to apply marketing knowledge to their work to ensure the final project is an effective marketing piece for the customer. Animators, like any member on the Vanilla Video team, are expected to have strong business understanding and be able to keep up during team meetings with the CEO and other members of the executive team.

Responsibilities & Duties

First and foremost, the animators at Vanilla Video create animations for our customers. While they work in a highly collaborative environment, they remain autonomous and responsible for their projects throughout their entire duration. As animation is a time intensive labor, they are experts at managing their time and meeting deadlines, even if they seem far away. We do not expect animators to finish the impossible in a short amount of time, so we do not stress finishing a project early. In fact, we would rather that every minute be used to make a project awesome, rather than just “done.”

Animators work on the project staff and are responsible for participating in both the pre- and post- production stages of projects. In preliminary discussions with customers, the entire team determines what will best suit a customer’s needs. While we agree that every business does need a video, many businesses do not know where to begin when it comes to building their video asset library. Some businesses deal with subject matter that does not make for the most interesting videos. While occasionally a “boring video” does the trick for a business that is just looking to explain something or introduce themselves online, animation can be used to create an entire video or to add fun graphic elements to a live action video. Our animators are always full of ideas and ready to go when they are needed to work on a project.

The pre-production phase is an involved process for our animators. They are expected to present prototypes, help with storyboarding, and create several renderings of characters or motifs to be used in the final project. Their expert design and animation skills lend to creating visually appealing characters, scenery, and visual elements for their projects. Animators educate the team as well as their customers on various video animation elements – we trust them to be the experts. While it can be difficult to get inside of an animator’s brain, our animators are able to explain their artistic decisions. As a team, we decide if various choices make sense for a customer.

While direct dealings with customers may be infrequent, animators understand how to communicate clearly and manage expectations. Throughout a project, they work closely with a Creative Director or Account Executive to ensure the video will meet the customer expectations. While not expected to make sales, the staff animators understand every aspect of Vanilla Video from internal policy to our very transparent pricing. Every member of the team at Vanilla Video is an asset, and can assist in making a sale. Animators understand the value of all services and can communicate these values to just about anyone.

After final decisions are made after the involve pre-production process the team gets to work. Videographers gather footage (if necessary), and animators sharpen up the prototypes they designed in the early stages of the project. Of course, things could change throughout the project though we typically like to spend as much time as possible planning in order to avoid redesigning the entire project halfway through. Animators follow the pre-production plan closely and communicate any necessary changes with the team and the customer. Animators are trusted with creating a work that will look professional and visually appealing while also able to achieve the customer’s goals.

Animators at Vanilla Video put a great deal of care into their work. They pay meticulous attention to detail and frequently make minor adjustments to enhance a single frame. Not only do they have a high command of digital animation, they are able to hop onto other projects involving graphic design, motion graphics, or even physical illustration. Well-mannered and humorous, the animators at Vanilla Video fill their time at work doing what they love.

Additional Requirements

  • Collaborate with the Creative Director, Storyboard Artist and Motion Graphics Artist to create and complete projects for clients and for Vanilla Video

  • Create animation for video productions when required

  • Prepare artwork for the Creative Director

  • Insert animated materials into a video during post-production

  • Enthusiasm for working in a collaborative, growing start-up environment

  • Passion for upholding and maintaining current office culture

  • Outgoing spirit that enjoys trying new things and working with a variety of different people

  • Curious personality that is excited to learn and grow, not only as a professional, but as a teammate and an individual

  • Dedicated to the cause, willing to put in the effort, time, and extreme care to grow Vanilla Video and please our customers

  • Professional demeanor and calm manners, agreeable and gets along well with others

  • True love for their work, enjoys spending hours at a time on a single project, determination to finish a job extremely well

  • Presents their best work, willing to ask for help or additional time when necessary to complete a project

  • Displays leadership skills whether or not someone is looking, maintains integrity at all times

  • Enjoys teaching others, regardless of the subject matter – helpful nature that willfully takes the time to show someone a new or better way of doing something

  • Clear understanding of the basics of video production, specifically within Vanilla Video

  • Meticulous attention to detail, care for presenting flawless and beautiful work

  • Creative in storytelling skills, knows how to present a message in a fun, playful, and engaging manner

  • Strong character development skills, understands how to design a character to carry out a necessary message or theme

  • Freely works wherever illustrative, animation, design skills are needed within Vanilla Video

  • Expert in the fundamentals of drawing the human anatomy, creates interesting yet realistic looking illustrations and animations

  • Comfortable with only working at Vanilla Video full time and not sharing time with freelance work or another videography firm

  • Capable of producing work in a variety of media whenever necessary

  • Excited about teaching others something new, able to take a junior videographer and mentor them in video editing, graphic design, motion graphics and animation

  • Specialization in a particular style or niche in animation a plus, though not necessary

  • Comfortable speaking over the telephone and via email, communicates clearly with coworkers, vendors, and customers

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