Account Executive

Job Summary

An account executive works as a liaison between Vanilla Video and potential client companies. You will attempt to sell our video production services to targeted clients by performing preparatory work in the hopes of signing the client company. Working as an account executive means performing extensive research and learning all about the clients' products, marketing goals and needs. This means you will need to be able to digest their brand and understand their short and long-term goals. Account executive will choose a target group, create an advertising concept and develop a promotional campaign after becoming familiar with the company's product.

Account executives work with a variety of departments, such as the marketing, copywriting and art departments, in order to create innovative advertising and marketing campaigns. Candidates must possess integrity, character, and exemplary ambition for success. The sales, marketing, and Account Executive position is considered an entry-level sales and marketing position meaning thorough training is provided. Vanilla Video has a long history of giving employees a start right out of college. We often use a “promote only within” policy, which provides Account Executives ample room for advancement and experience in sales and advertising.

Account Executive

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Sales

  • Pay: $12.00 - 16.00 / hour

    Approx. $25k - 33.3k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • High level understanding of video production, especially services and procedures at Vanilla Video

  • Enthusiasm to build an established start-up in the industry of digital videography

  • Success in a customer facing sales role focused on repeat business as well as expanding customer portfolio

  • Proven ability to work independently while following company guidelines

  • Goal oriented – works to achieve milestones set personally as well as by upper management staff

  • Teamwork and leadership – capable of making decisions with understanding of how they will impact other members on the team

  • Ability to memorize and work with pricing structures to ensure customers pay for the services they order

  • Zeal for working with customers, ability to see their needs and educate them throughout the videography purchasing and planning process

  • Creativity and organization

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Excellent leadership abilities

  • Analytical, decision-making and management skills

  • Ability to develop lasting professional relationships with clients

  • Strong speaking skills

  • Sales and/or marketing experience is a plus, but not required


The account executive works with all departments within Vanilla Video. They are the guide for and voice of client needs. This is a position where personality and ambition will take you a long way. With the amount of people you will talk to and work with on a daily basis, from clients to team members, being personable is a major asset. This position should be considered part customer service and part sales, and in the future it may be eligble for commission.

About half of your time will be spent researching companies, the industry they are a part of, any major competitors, current market trends and marketing materials. The rest of the time you’ll be speaking with potential and recurring clients over the phone, participating as a Vanilla Video ambassador during in-person meetings and working shoulder-to-shoulder with Vanilla team members to brainstorm initial concepts and polish finished products before final delivery.

Account Executives at Vanilla Video work directly with the VP of Sales as well as the VP of Business Development to grow existing relationships, while finding opportunities to build new ones. Expanding the customer network of Vanilla Video allows for a steady influx of incoming work for videographers and editors. More customers in Chicagoland and nationwide will also mean Vanilla Video will be able to outgrow its single location and begin planting digital videography locations across the country.

Vanilla Video is proud to say that a large portion of business comes through the search engine as well as through positive word-of-mouth referrals. While the website serves as an efficient sales tool, every customer still needs to interact with Vanilla Video staff prior to locking-in a videography purchase. Though a growing need for videography continues to emerge in the marketplace for a variety of reasons and customers, many people do not understand how to shop for videography. Account Executives step in to answer any questions and confirm customers are getting exactly what their project needs.

In addition to assisting customers that are ready to buy, Account Executives have huge opportunity to grow Vanilla Video. Backed by professionalism and experience, Vanilla Video is a leader in the videography marketplace. When meeting with new clients, Account Executives have prior knowledge at their disposal. Vanilla Video has created over 3,000 projects of unique videos for a variety of customers. Our expansive portfolio is not only impressive to new customers, it helps educate them about the projects they want to create for their own brand, organization, or special event.

Responsibilities & Duties

As an Account Executive, you will act as an information gatekeeper- tasked with gathering research on new and potential clients and guiding the creation of projects from start to finish. Your are Vanilla Video’s client relations liaison. You will be responsible for making sure all needs and requests on a given project are met, that all production aspects are thoroughly discussed and that expectations are managed. Video production and formatting knowledge is strongly preferred as you will be selling Vanilla’s video services.

Account Executives are responsible for working closely with customers from pre-purchase to video delivery. Helping them along the way, the Account Executive works as the point of contact for every customer in their portfolio, new and old. The Account Executive delegates work among a variety of team members such as videographers, editors, and customer service representatives whenever possible. This allows the Account Executive to spend time cultivating relationships with existing customers, reaching out to previous customers, as well as building completely new partnerships with people who might not have heard of Vanilla Video before.

A sales man with a variety of tools and professional tactics, the Account Executive keeps customers happy, while bringing business in for Vanilla Video. Account Executives understand everything about the products and service Vanilla Video provide, therefore being able to help larger customers finalize their purchases. Account Executives work with videographers and creative directors to ensure customers are purchasing the correct products, and delegate potential pre-production duties to the correct staff members.

Business development is a huge part of the Account Executive role. Each Account Executive is responsible for bringing self-generated business to Vanilla Video through reaching out in a variety of ways. Account Executives are encouraged to follow their own strengths and interests to win business to Vanilla Video. The magic of Vanilla Video truly lies in being able to provide videography for anyone and everyone – allowing Account Executives to choose their leads makes the job rewarding and interesting as well.

Account Executives at Vanilla Video report to the VP of Sales, who trains them and works with them to build their knowledge of videography as well as Vanilla Video. At times collaborating with the Marketing Department and Business Development – Account Executives follow goals and milestones set by executives. Additionally, Account Executives should be intrinsically motivated to achieve their own goals. The sky is the limit at Vanilla Video, and we are ready to experiment especially when it comes to outbound sales.

Wearing many hats and rotating through a variety of roles on a daily business keeps the Account Executive position an exciting job for anyone who enjoys working with people and strategically growing a business. With understanding of customer service, videography, as well as Vanilla Video’s operations – a successful Account Executive builds, grows, and enhances positive experiences for customers every single day.

Additional Requirements

  • Willingness to work in a highly customer facing sales role

  • Familiarity with videography best practices, especially operations and procedures at Vanilla Video

  • Keen business sense, decisiveness when working with customers and delegating work to production staff

  • Collaborative teamwork skills – works well with others, ability to use best judgement when assigning work

  • Ability to keep track of personal progress and report successes and failures to VP of Sales, and upper management

  • Understands the importance of constructive criticism, willing to try new things and continue learning to become a better Account Executive

  • High level math skills, agility when negotiating, and cordiality when dealing with every customer

  • Providing sales and marketing face to face

  • Customer relationship building

  • New customer acquisition

  • Consult priority customers given to us by the client through leads

  • Client branding

  • Territory management

  • Account updates

  • Contract overview

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