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Revenue Growth is important: Why employees need to care

There’s a famous business quote: If you’re not growing, you’re dying. 

In 2015 Vanilla grew approximately 35%. This year we are currently trending at 17% growth. That’s still pretty good since the average growth rate is somewhere around 5% for most private businesses. So while we are still in a healthy uptrend, we need to be careful as Vanilla’s growth begins to plateau in the Chicago market. Our local geography is likely approaching carrying capacity; which means further growth in Chicago comes from taking competitor market share. In turn, this means overall future growth must come from alternative sources. If we want to grow, we must begin looking beyond Chicago. If we do not expand beyond Chicago, or alter our scope of services, it’s likely Vanilla moves down into the average 5% growth range for 2017. This is not good, because remember – if you’re not growing, you’re dying.   Continue reading “Revenue Growth is important: Why employees need to care” »

When purchasing used goods, exercise prudence and caution

With the recent break-in and theft over at LensProToGo we thought it would be helpful to write a post regarding purchasing used photo and video gear, and how to best protect yourself from sticky legal situations. Buying stolen goods is bad, and unfortunately you could take some legal responsibility if you are caught with products that are registered in stolen goods databases. While this is not legal advisory by any means (speak with a lawyer), we offer this as prudent precaution for newcomers to the photography and videography fields. Or any industry, business or individual that purchases second-hand, used goods for that matter. There are a few simple steps you can do to protect yourself when buying used goods! Here are some recommendations; Continue reading “When purchasing used goods, exercise prudence and caution” »

Every Website Needs these Pages of Content (Outline)

In our previous post, Making a Great Website: Focus on Content, we went over the importance of original, high-quality content. The next logical question for many is likely, “What content should my website contain?” Or rather, what pages does every website need? This post is a comprehensive list of must-have sections on every single website. Again, we take an all or nothing approach to website content. If some of this information is missing, it all may as well not even exist. Continue reading “Every Website Needs these Pages of Content (Outline)” »