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Everything to Know About Websites: Zero to 100

This post serves as a Table of Contents for Vanilla Video’s guide regarding websites. You may be wondering what a video production company has to do with websites. Well, our business is actually specific to web-based videos, and one of our Co-Founders is a Web Developer / Software Engineer with over 17 years of experience, across the full stack of website technology. We have a vested interest in getting businesses to use their websites more effectively. Vanilla Video makes thousands of web-based videos for companies all across the world. When our clienteles websites work better, the videos we create for display on the web are that much more valuable and effective. Continue reading “Everything to Know About Websites: Zero to 100” »

The high costs of freelance videographers & photographers

Many consumers wonder why photographers and videographers are so expensive. Since Vanilla Video is one of the most affordable videographers in Chicago, I thought we could share some insight into the costs associated with videography and help explain why the photo and video industries are so expensive to do business in. Continue reading “The high costs of freelance videographers & photographers” »