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How depth of field (DOF) occurs in optics

In film, photography and videography, depth of field is the distance between objects that appear acceptably sharp in an image. Creative professionals use depth of field as an aesthetic tool; making use of shallow or deep focus for various applications. Shallow focus allows subjects to be isolated from the background, while deep focus can be nearly infinite. Continue reading “How depth of field (DOF) occurs in optics” »

Refresh rates explained: 60Hz, 120Hz & more

A refresh rate is the number of times per second that a monitor draws data. This is not to be confused with frame rate, which is the rate at which a device produces a unique image. Rather, a refresh rate is how many times per second an image is displayed. Refresh rates are usually measured by hertz (cycles per second). So, a monitor that produces an image 60 times per second has a 60Hz refresh rate. Continue reading “Refresh rates explained: 60Hz, 120Hz & more” »