Providing Service With Purpose

Does anyone think we should act without purpose?

Clients pay Vanilla Video because our work is important. When a customer is upset, it is important. The interactions we have are also important, and have an impact on the future. How we think impacts our perceptions, mood, actions and the future.

Why? Because feelings matter. Customers work hard for their money, and trust us to provide the best value back to them. When we communicate with the team, we try to relay information to make our team better. If you email us, we read it, because you are important to us – including the work you do, your order and the work we do. All our interactions are important, and have a purpose. Please consider this.

Think about a customer working at $15.00 per hour; after taxes, taking home $80 after each full day. Some of our customers choose Vanilla Video to film their wedding, event, sports game or small business – whatever: in exchange for a full-day of work. We ask a lot from customers, and we want to be thankful for those customers.

  • To purchase a 6-hour wedding, it’s a full week of work.
  • To purchase a business video, profits from several sales.
  • If a customer has to order overtime, it’s very expensive.

We, and our employees at Vanilla Video, appreciate customers — they matter.

Our customers in many cases don’t have the ability to pay more. It’s not our fault, and it’s not their fault, that a customer may be limited in budget. But it is our fault when we respond inappropriately to concerns or frustrations they may have. And it is our fault if or when we speak unthankfully about customers who are already on a tight budget.

For a large portion of customers, Vanilla Video is the most affordable videography service, and we aim to save customers time and money wherever possible. Sometimes, that means a video constrained by budget.

Those more affordable videos have made thousands of customers happy.