Key Ingredients: Vanilla Video (and the Difference)

We want to be excellent at Video – specifically: shooting video.

Shot Quality

We shoot video so it does not require editing; i.e., our footage is immediately distribution-ready. Our video is coherent to viewers watching raw footage alone. Our focus is capturing video to minimize editing. That not only leads to [a] better quality shots, but [b] lower overall production costs – and [c] generally allows our team to be more efficient in project delivery times. It’s the way we shoot, that makes us better.

Constant Production

It’s important our team is consistently filming. The experience inevitably leads to better quality footage and lowers the costs for end-customers. It’s important that we are consistently filming. Competitors who focus only on [a] weekends, [b] wedding season, or [c] intermittent projects experience a shut-down and start-up cost on a regular basis. Their skills in filming, skills in editing decay during down periods. Our aim with Vanilla Video is keeping our video editing production line full and video editors scheduled with projects to edit, and Calendar full of projects to go film.

Data Assisted Decisionse

Most of our competition is operating without data insights into their business. A competitive advantage we have is tracking data and making tweaks to our processes based on what we learn over time.

Technological Advantage

We have a system of ingestion, project organization and delivery that saves at least an hour (or more) in time for each project. Imagine a competitor manually ingesting, transferring, storing and delivering 500+ projects per year. A single hour per project saved across 500 projects is $10,000 at $20 per hour. Cutting down on labor costs via automation leads to better employee pay and lower costs for end-customers.


We believe in employing people, and building trusted relationships with videographers. It’s more stable income for videographers, better quality footage for the customers, and distribution of projects across a team. I personally consider having a full-time team one of the greatest assets to Vanilla Video.

Extreme Diligence

The reason Vanilla Video will inevitably win the video production market is because we are looking at 500 videos per year, and thinking about the best way to optimize each piece of the production line. Absolutely zero of our competition is trying to optimize small efficiencies, because they do 20-50 projects per year, or outsource most of the work to freelancers. Ultimately, they aren’t focused on the process – end to end.

Better Salesmanship

The biggest companies are the ones who sell the most efficiently. In some startups or big businesses, sales teams can represent half or more of the employee count. Whether we like it or not, sales are important to our success. We can leverage some advantage over competition by attempted to automate sales with our technological focuses, but there will always be a need to drive sales manually with real customer service.

Competitive Advantages:

The following things make Vanilla Video more competitive:

  • Being diligent in Data Collection
  • Technological efficiencies in workflow
  • Automation of sales and customer service
  • Controlling Expenditure; Organizing Time Use
  • Higher volume of customer orders, means:
  • Capital costs are used over more orders
  • Employees gain more work experience
  • Expanded word of mouth reputation
  • Dynamic customer base, order types
  • Efficient labor, and specialized roles

After reading this and the What We Don’t Do post, it should be obvious why Vanilla Video is better or different. This question strikes at the heart of why customers choose us, over anyone else. We aren’t just randomly getting customers because we show up in search results. Everything we do has a purpose, was designed a certain way, and follows a specific pattern. Why customers choose us can be briefly be mentioned in a couple sentences – perhaps something like the following few sentences.

Vanilla Video is hyper-focused on shooting good video, at high-volume. There are numerous things our team avoids, and won’t do, which keeps our attention on video. It also makes us more affordable. We utilize technology to assist our workflow, which allows us to film more. Vanilla Video focuses on the hard part of video production; i.e., the showing up and filming – and we do that part better than anyone else.

Our Primary Difference:

  1. Competition is focused on FILMING LESS at HIGHER PRICES; whereas,
  2. Vanilla Video is focused on FILMING MORE at LOWER PRICES.

Most freelancers focus on [a] THEMSELVES, and building portfolio. They ultimately want to shoot video for large brands and higher-end weddings. NOBODY IN VIDEO [b] except Vanilla Video, has a general interest in shooting normally priced video, for ordinary customers. Vanilla Video has big customers too, but primary concerns revolve around making a service that everyone can use – and not just the elites of society.

Vanilla Video designs a service concerning all these factors.