Comparison: Vanilla Video vs. Freelance Videographer

Vanilla Video is one of the lowest cost videographers, and very affordable.

Our goal is to be the best videographer and best video production company, but…

What is the best? It’s being the most efficient and providing a complete value package to end-customers. Best can be measured in [a] product quality, [b] level of support, [c] pricing, [d] convenience, [e] reliability, [f] availability, [g] reputation and much more. Attached is a basic comparison sheet. Please spend 5-minutes looking over it.

After looking at the attached table:

  • Why should Vanilla Video be cheaper than a freelancer?
  • Where are we not providing the best value to customers?
  • What can we improve to provide more value to our clients?
  • How are we failing to be best (by X measure) in our industry?
  • When and how fast can we fix any problems that you see?

At Vanilla Video — we try to be diligent in every aspect of our business.

It’s important to remember: we can accomplish more by becoming efficient and working together as a team. It’s 100% certain that any one person on our team could go [1] do video by themselves at a cheaper end-cost to customers, and [2] maybe even produce higher quality video. But the question is: can that individual handle all the other components? We have a strong, growing business here.

Our employees understand why Vanilla Video is more expensive than freelance video persons, and we hope customers see our value too. Our team is (unquestionably) better than an individual video freelancer, and i you look at the attached sheet you may pick from dozens of reasons. If you don’t genuinely believe Vanilla Video is doing better than the competition, how do we become better? We want to know. We strive to remain ahead, and offer great value to our customers.

Customers are obviously choosing us for a reason – what’s the reason?

Vanilla Video Our Team Freelancer Some Random Guy
3 Hours $399 4 Hours $350
6 Hours $599 8 Hours $500
Delivery Method Online Delivery Physical Media
Delivery Time 14 Days Delivery Time 90+ Days
Overall Experience 3,000+ Videos Overall Experience 100 – 250 Videos
Avg. Individual EXP 90 Videos Per Year Avg. Individual EXP 25 Videos Per Year
Videos Per Year 500+ Videos Per Year < 50
Yelp Rating 5 Stars Yelp Rating 4 Stars
Average Gear Kit $12,000 Average Gear Kit $3,000
Support Time < 12 Hours Support Time Unknown
Long-term Storage Yes Long-term Storage None
Dynamic Experience Yes Dynamic Experience No
Creative Directors Yes Creative Directors No
Dedicated Editors Yes Dedicated Editors No
Liability Insurance Yes Liability Insurance No
Health Insurance Yes Health Insurance No
Workers Comp Ins Yes Workers Comp Ins No
PTO / Time Off Yes PTO / Time Off No
Backup Availability Yes Backup Availability No
Multiple People Yes Multiple People No
Wants Lower Prices? Yes Wants Lower Prices? No
Around in 5+ Years? Yes Around in 5+ Years? No
Fully Equipped Office? Yes Fully Equipment Office? No
Increasing Efficiency? Yes Increasing Efficiency? Maybe
Accepts Credit Cards? Yes Accepts Credit Cards? Maybe
Available Day of? Yes Available Day of? Maybe
Returns Phone Calls? Yes Returns Phone Calls? Maybe
Will Deliver Project? Yes Will Deliver Project? Maybe
Has Plan for Future? Yes Has Plan for Future? Doubtful
Updated Gear? Yes Updated Gear? Doubtful
Competitive? Yes Competitive? Not Really
Good Value? Yes Good Value? If You Are Cheap