Things we don’t do

What makes Vanilla Video special are the things we don’t do, “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” This plays into our branding, specialization and focus as a company.

No Gimmicks

  • We don’t advertise free services to win customers.
  • We don’t advertise fake discounts or discounted prices.
  • We don’t purchase gifts or offer kickbacks to customers.

No Name Dropping

  • We don’t advertise the big brands who have used our services.

No Special Attention

  • We don’t provide special attention to big brands, over small brands.
  • We don’t prioritize work based on small, medium or big orders.

No Order is Too Small

  • We do not turn away orders for being too small.

No Freelancers

  • We do not use gigsters, unpaid interns, low-cost freelancers or abusive labor practices. All of our video work is performed by in-house employees on direct payroll.

No Credits

  • We do not force our name into video credits.

No Physical Media

  • We try to avoid physical media as much as possible.

No Wasted Time

  • We try to avoid in-person meetings as much as possible.

No Hand-holding Required

  • Customers, by default, should be able to help themselves to our services.

No Toys

  • We don’t use drones, cranes or devices that may as well be considered toys.

No Photography

  • We don’t sell photography. We are good at one thing: Video.

No Bad Experiences

  • If we can’t deliver a good experience, we can’t do it.

No Outside Competition

  • Our primary competitor is Vanilla Video, and last year’s performance.
  • Most competition is delivering physical media, charging 50% higher prices, demanding in-person meetings, or failing to service small orders. We mostly focus on being better than last year; or, doing video our way better year over year.

No Unnecessary Graphics

  • We avoid graphics, text, title cards or graphics unless customer requested.

No Hidden Footage

  • We don’t cover bad shots with editing.
  • We don’t charge extra for raw footage.
  • We don’t hide footage from customers.

No Copyright

  • We don’t restrict distribution of our footage.
  • We don’t charge for access / copyrights.
  • We don’t make stock video portfolios.

No Future Obligations

  • We don’t require customers to choose us for editing.
  • They choose us because we are the best.

These are all design decisions important to our product, brand and reputation. What Vanilla Video refuses to do, makes us twice as good at what we will do. On average, our video is shot better. We may not have the best gear, or the best editing, or the most creative shots; but, we consistently deliver solid video.

What makes Vanilla Video different is all the things we DO NOT do. Our brand is consistently applied throughout operations and we focus on our unique specialization. We hate detracting from the vision and while we do often break the rules, this is our baseline and benchmark for operating under ideal conditions. Of course, our subsidiary offers video editing services through Edit Engine.