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Avoiding common mistakes & problems on the wedding day

Preparing for your wedding day goes beyond booking vendors, creating a timeline, finalizing dress alterations, wrapping bridal party gifts, settling on a seating chart, getting your manicure and pedicure, and of course popping some champagne. Prepping also means getting and staying organized from start to finish. When all the planning gets going, it’s easy to get caught up in preparation and slack on organization. This is usually where brides begin making easily avoidable mistakes. Organization can be as easy as making to-do lists and a game plan for what needs to be completed on your wedding day. Regardless of how you organize, just know that it is central to a successful day. Continue reading “Avoiding common mistakes & problems on the wedding day” »

5 American wedding traditions that are okay to break

While planning your wedding, you may find yourself asking etiquette questions regarding traditions. Which wedding customs are acceptable to break, modify or replace? While you may get pushback from friends and family, you don’t have to explicitly follow standard wedding traditions – it’s acceptable in today’s culture to sway from the path and find alternative ways to make those traditions more personal. It’s ultimately your day; so you get the final say in how the event goes. Continue reading “5 American wedding traditions that are okay to break” »

Creating a guest list for your wedding

The most important variable in how much a wedding costs is simply a factor of guest count and how many persons will be attending the wedding. Considering the venue, food and beverage cost as the primary / highest expenses in nearly every wedding — the guest count dictates how much a couple will spend and accounts for the largest impact on wedding budgets. The easiest way to save money on your wedding is simply to invite less guests. Don’t be cheap with your vendors! Continue reading “Creating a guest list for your wedding” »