Monthly Archives: January 2014

Advantages of transparent pricing listed on your website

Transparent pricing is an all around win for service professionals. This may not have been the case a decade ago, but it most certainly is true today. We so often hear seasoned professionals advising others to keep pricing secret until a customer contacts you directly. I’ve even heard of some businesses issuing warnings to customers not to share pricing information, and even full non-discloser agreements before offering prices!

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Getting started with storage. Understanding SAN vs NAS vs DAS.

Trying to wrap your head around advanced storage solutions for your home office or business? Not sure where to begin, what the differences are, or even heard of our friends SAN, NAS, and DAS?

I was there many years ago and share your sense of overwhelming anxiety. Storage is a complicated topic. It requires planning. Long term thinking. It’s a slow decision, so don’t get too eager. Designing a storage solution should not be taken lightly, especially by business users with important data at stake. Bad decisions can not only be costly, but extremely devastating. In fact, many businesses never recover from storage mistakes!  Continue reading “Getting started with storage. Understanding SAN vs NAS vs DAS.” »