Monthly Archives: June 2013

Hiring. What we are looking for in candidates.

Vanilla Video is a growing company, and we’re looking to hire long-term employees. That is, we don’t want to waste our time training someone, if said person plans to only stick around for less than two years. That’s probably the case for most businesses though, nothing new. I’ll offer my insights into what we’re looking for, the application process in general, and why I think joining our team is an exciting opportunity. We’re pretty laid back here, but don’t get the wrong impression of who we are or what we are about. Continue reading “Hiring. What we are looking for in candidates.” »

Choosing a (defensive) short-speakable domain for business.

We spend a lot of time and money on our online presence. Our main website is the central sales mechanism for nearly every order, including referrals and returning customers. It’s our 24-hour sales person helping customers get information, watch examples, order, contact us, or otherwise take the next step. Not having a (good) website for your business means you don’t exist to a considerable portion of potential customers and is increasingly a fatal issue.┬áIt naturally follows then, that domain names, spelling choices, and URL design are important factors. Continue reading “Choosing a (defensive) short-speakable domain for business.” »