Monthly Archives: May 2013

Videographer dress code at Vanilla Video

Vanilla Video has no official dress code for office based positions, e.g., editors, customer support, engineers. Employees based entirely in-office can generally wear whatever makes them happiest and most productive. We like working in a friendlier and more laid back work environment, it’s just less stressful and keeps politics out of the way. However, we do have a dress code for on-location personnel. Our standard dress generally applies to videographers, production crews, and any team member conducting official business on behalf of Vanilla Video (meetings, logistics and backup, purchasing, etc.) Continue reading “Videographer dress code at Vanilla Video” »

New website. Celebrating 500 days of Vanilla.

Celebrating 500 days in business, we’ve gone ahead and published our new website. This is actually Version 3 of our website, following our first “Green” and second “Blue” iterations. It’s a very comprehensive update, including multiple business-level changes. In this post I’ll try to cover some of those changes and highlight some of my favorite aspects of the new website. Continue reading “New website. Celebrating 500 days of Vanilla.” »