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Refresh rates explained: 60Hz, 120Hz & more

A refresh rate is the number of times per second that a monitor draws data. This is not to be confused with frame rate, which is the rate at which a device produces a unique image. Rather, a refresh rate is how many times per second an image is displayed. Refresh rates are usually measured by hertz (cycles per second). So, a monitor that produces an image 60 times per second has a 60Hz refresh rate. Continue reading “Refresh rates explained: 60Hz, 120Hz & more” »

The Difference: Videography vs Cinematography

Many have asked: what’s the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer? Distinguishing between these two terms has many buyers understandably confused and frustrated. There’s a discrepancy between the actual definitions of the terms and how they’re being re-defined in the marketing of video companies and freelancers. The unfortunate truth for customers is that, depending on how each company / freelancer uses the terms, there may or may not be a difference. Continue reading “The Difference: Videography vs Cinematography” »