Monthly Archives: December 2012

Shutter speed and shutter angle explained

A shutter is a mechanical device inside of a camera that exposes film (or an electronic sensor) to the light passing through the lens for a controlled period of time. Shutter speed primarily refers to a focal-plane shutter, found in professional-grade photo cameras, while shutter angle refers to a rotary shutter, found in motion picture cameras. Continue reading “Shutter speed and shutter angle explained” »

The history of frame rates; why speeds vary

As a filmmaker or videographer, you’ll need to understand why some frame rates are more common than others and why there are so many varying speeds. Frame rate, commonly referred to as frames per second (fps), is the rate at which a device, such as a motion picture camera, can produce unique, sequential images called frames. Continue reading “The history of frame rates; why speeds vary” »

Why 100% upfront payment is better for both parties

In the early days of our videography startup we had a 10% down payment, with the remaining 90% due a 7 days prior to the service date. We then slowly began experimenting with 25% down, then the classic 50/50 split payment, and finally 100% upfront payment at the time of order. Overall, we’ve found full upfront payment to be both the most convenient for customers and the most efficient for our company. Continue reading “Why 100% upfront payment is better for both parties” »