Changing Hearts. Changing Minds.

Vanilla Video™ is changing the way people think about video.

Discovering creative ways to experience Love & Nostalgia.

A few of our company projects are listed below.

Developing New Services · Creating New Opportunities

  Crowd Funding

Payments from Multiple Parties

For a few lucky customers, Vanilla Video is testing crowd-funded payments. Allowing parents, schools, bands, and others to split funding for a video project. This is an invite only program we are experimenting with.

Closed Private Beta.

There is no official release date yet.

  Extreme High-End

Commercial Video Projects

We are expanding our creative services, and actively recruiting a dedicated team. Our goal is to handle video productions with enterprise level budgets over $25,000 per video production. We currently offer limited Commercial Services.

Currently Hiring.

Official availability has not been annouced.

  Cheap Studio Spaces

Reduce the Cost of Studio Rentals

Vanilla Video™ has made video production more affordable and accessible. Now we are aiming to make studio rentals just as simple and easy for partnered freelancers and our clients.

Building Relationships.

We have no further information at this time.

  Web Tech Licensing

Reselling our Web-Technologies

Our web technologies allow us to sell video packages directly on our website, and digitally deliver video as well. We are working with our engineers to allow others the same features.

Currently Experimenting.

Call (866) 948-4336 x701 for info.

Partnerships · Business Development · Integrated Services

  Strategic Partners

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

For businesses with over $500,000 in revenue, Vanilla Video™ is making strategic partnerships with Photographers, DJs, Entertainers, Hotels, Studio Spaces, and Event Venues.

Restrictions Apply.

Call (866) 948-4336 x702 for info.

  White Label Services

Rebrand Our Team & Resources

Allowing agencies to White-label our video production services. A minimum threshold of $2,500 per month in video production or editing services applies. Qualified agencies only.

Restrictions Apply.

Call (866) 948-4336 x702 for info.