Katie Barrett

Junior Videographer

A Kansas native, Katie (affectionately known as KB) made the journey all the way from Lawrence to join the Vanilla Video team. With a BA from the University of Kansas and a little bit of wanderlust, Katie has taken on a junior videographer position and has started exploring Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Although she can't smell sour milk, the rest of Katie's senses work just fine. When she isn't filming or editing for Vanilla, you can often find her painting, putting together collages or working out. Some of her favorite movies are Back to the Future, Requiem for a Dream and American Psycho. And most surprisingly, Katie openly admits to enjoying ska music.

Katie is also an avid traveler- she's been all over and is constantly looking for the next adventure. Whether it's climbing the ruins in Tikal, Guatemala or planning to visit friends in Tanzania, Katie lives for new experiences and interacting with people from all walks of life.

"I'm passionate about the relationships I have with my friends. I work hard to maintain relationships from all the areas of my life, past and present."

Family and relationships are important to Katie. Her most treasured possession is a gift from her parents- a journal they wrote in throughout her childhood.

"As I was growing up, my parents wrote short letters to "future Katie" about things I did/said/asked as a child. When I graduated high school they gave it to me as a graduation present. Being able to see what I was like as a kid and see how much I am loved is something I really treasure. If my house is on fire, I'm grabbing that journal!"

As a woman who has been around the world, Katie speaks Spanish, knows a little Arabic and always has a story to tell. But her favorite travel experience comes from when she lived in Buenos Aires.

"It was the 4th of July, so my American buddies and I stayed up all night dancing at the boliches (clubs). When the sun came up, we went straight to the docks to catch a ferry to Uruguay. In Uruguay, we celebrated the 4th of July all over again. Eating, drinking, dancing- lather, rinse, repeat. I didn't sleep for 48 hours and loved every minute of it."

Ever the explorer, Katie loves being out in the field, interacting with customers and never being confined to her comfort zone. When it comes to Vanilla Video projects, Katie is most excited to work with our customers in filming weddings and loves being there to capture such incredible memories.

Katie is always moving forward, focused on what comes next.

"I'm excited that the future is unwritten. I love surprises, and what is the future but an endless surprise?"‚Äč