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We are investing in complementary services and products.

Video Production Subsidiaries

Helping video professionals run their business

Providing freelance videographers, video production companies, and other video professionals a transformative set of tools to run their business more efficiently. Vinfo allows other videographers to leverage Vanilla Video's existing website technology on their website; helping them better compete in the digital world.

Official Website:

Intended for: Videographers, Video Production Companies, Video Professionals

  Edit Engine

Offload editing projects to our video professionals

For video professionals filming dozens of projects a year. Want to offload or outsource the bulk of your editing work? Leverage Vanilla Video's full-time video professionals, anywhere in the world, by digitally or physically sending us your projects to be edited to your exact specifications. For most projects, we can guarantee a 14-day turnaround time.

Official Website:

Intended for: Videographers, Video Production Companies, Video Professionals


A digital delivery method for Photos and Videos

Vanilla Video has invested heavily in creating its own digital delivery and viewing method for our customers. Now, we are going to allow photographers and other videographers to leverage our infrastructure and brand their own online delivery solution. Complete with menus, long-term hosting, and advanced features to fit your brand and needs.

Official Website:

Intended for: Videographers, Video Production Companies, Video Professionals, Photographers

Freelancer Subsidiaries

  Lance Back

A Second Shooter network and universal Availability Checker

Most freelance photographers and videographers rely on "Second Shooters" and in some cases need "Tertiary Shooters". Finding an assisting shooter involves manually posting to various boards, groups, or branching out to unknown networks of freelancers. But what if you could instantly "know" if your secondary and tertiary assistants were available?

Official Website:

Intended for: Photographers, Disk Jockeys, Videographers, Freelancers

Content Creation Subsidiaries

  Vanilla TV

Entertainment content produced by Vanilla Video

Vanilla Video has found itself with all the right resources to begin producing its own content for distribution online. For most people under the age of 25 years, traditional television is a thing of the past and lacks relevant content. Our team of video pros, and company resources, allows us to begin producing our own content in the near future.

Official Website:

Intended for: Businesses, Communities, Entertainment, Video Producers

Wedding Subsidiaries


Wedding planning for couples and wedding vendors

We have a novel way of helping couples and wedding vendors work together more easily using the power of software and powerful algorithms. For wedding vendors, this means a significantly more cost effective solution to Wedding Wire and The Knot. For couples, it means a more seamless and trouble-free management of their wedding affairs.

Official Website:

Intended for: Wedding Professionals, Wedding Planners, Wedding Couples


A new, algorithmic take on planning weddings.

Finally a new and refreshingly simple way to get started with planning your wedding. Our team has found that choosing vendors, and getting started can be the hardest and most daunting step. With Instant Wedding, vendor recommendations are made automatically for you based on Availability, Budget, Location and what's most important to you. Our algorithms specifically suggest the most appropriate vendors based on your personal preferences.

Official Website:   Instant.Wedding   - or -

Intended for: Wedding Couples, Brides, Last Minute Wedding Planning

iOS / Android / Mobile App Subsidiaries

  Not Announced

A new take on Photography and Family Photos

Flip through your family photos, or any album for that matter. We've noticed that a large percentage of photos are smiling faces with different backgrounds. We want something more candid, something more real and true to life. We are working on a mobile app to break the monotony of family photos, selfies, and even professional photos.

Official Website:   Not Available Yet

Intended for: Everyone, Photographers, Families