We are not artists building a portfolio.

Actually, this whole thing isn't even about us.

This is for you.

We're here to help You build a collection of videos — to help You remember the most important moments in life.

We are doing this because there’s never been an easy way to film something, have it added to your personal collection, and repeat that simple process multiple times a year.

For everything you love.

No one was just filming it and making it easy. We wanted a better way to reflect on the moments that shape us.

We not only wanted video of moments that matter to us, but the ability to access those moments from our personal collections whenever and wherever we wanted.

There is feeling worth fighting for.

The Story Behind Vanilla Video.

Chapter 1 — The Catalyst. It didn't have to be this way.

A few years ago our friend wanted to record his wedding, but couldn't because of cost.

The story begins when a friend desired to film his wedding. With limited funds, he soon discovered video was not an option for him — and sadly, he was unable to film his wedding.

We asked ourselves: why is nobody servicing his needs? His family should be able to reflect back on their moments and their history.

Chapter 2 — The Empty Void. Missing the point.

We noticed filmmakers / video production companies cared more about making their portfolio better — than a family's history.

Every one of us becomes nostalgic, wants to capture cool moments, and loves revisiting good times, reminiscing, and reflecting back on life.

We believe people were losing a sense of self by not having access to their special moments. We wanted a solution for our friend, for us, for our families — a service that filmmakers wouldn't offer. It wasn't about art or movie making, it was just about filming it, to have it.

Chapter 3 — The Problem. Content matters most.

Reminiscence & reflection are important parts of growing older. Something crucial to each of our identities shouldn't be expensive or complex.

Guided by the idea that everybody should be able to access their history, we pushed ourselves to reinvent the videography service. Our goals were predictable pricing, fast turnaround time, 100% reliability, easy online ordering, and universal accessibility from any device at any time.

We simply wanted the ability to have someone show up, film something, and send us the video for our own personal collection.

Chapter 4 — The Hard Part. Art doesn't need to be artistic.

  The notion that cinematography and editing are somehow better is dead wrong. Not only are they unnecessary, but also counter-productive to self reflection. People simply need the ability to reflect on life events without artistic direction.

After half a year of designs and concepts we came to an unlikely, but revolutionary, conclusion. Editing is arbitrary. In fact, editing might even be undesirable for some. And since editing could always be done sometime in the future, the original footage became the only important piece.

Building on this assumption, we originated the idea of a “vanilla” video. We thought it would be amazing to get the raw footage next-day, delivered online to your own personal account.

Chapter 5 — The Solution. My Collection.

A Vanilla Video account offers a unique experience unlike any other.

From a Vanilla Video account, you should be able to do more with your videos. Socialize. Play back on your favorite devices, and access your videos wherever you go. The vanilla videos should just be there, just for you.

We are creating an intimate experience, personal to you. We want it to be social with others in just the right ways. Our long term mission is to create a soothing and comforting feeling all at once, by allowing people to easily access their history.

Vanilla Video

Established in Willowbrook, IL on December 30, 2011.

Co-Founded by Corey Olson, Frank Romano III and Nick Romano.