Stay honest. Focus on the content.

You can paint the truth, or paint a fiction.

Video for love.

Our videography is future-proof. Crafted to stay meaningful to you forever. By default, Vanilla is uncut & true-to-life. That means we choose our shots for content, not style.

Our mission is to nurture love and nostalgia in communities by making video abundant and a part of everyday life.

This requires us to remain vigilant and fresh, approaching each event as new and uncharted. Our duty is to your memories and future enjoyment – not to what looks cool in our portfolio. We capture the life, the energy, the people, and the atmosphere honestly. Our videography is about what really happened, so you have something fun and amazing to look back on and share with others if you choose to.

Not for vanity.

It doesn’t make sense to film events with a cinematic edit. Not only will a lot of content be missing, but worse — it warps memories.

Life isn’t an advertisement, and it’s already awesome. We believe cinematography is best saved for commercial works.

When filming personal events, it’s better to choose the uncut Vanilla Video. If desired, an edited video can be created from the Vanilla Video afterwards. Filming for content means an original video, with all the memories and best moments safe.

Methods matter.

History provides identity, builds character, and strengthens relationships. Great video tells the truth, and should form to the content.

Our long-term goal is to remain a reliable and trustworthy provider of videography services. That means staying honest and true to content. Each Vanilla Video is rich with history and experiences — appreciating in value over time.

We want our customers to have those experiences whenever they need them most. Including a variety of ways to access those memories. Whether that’s in your living room, on a computer, or from a mobile device on the go — it's important they go with you, for the exact moment you need them.

Our promise to customers.

  • You will always receive an amazing experience.

    From the moment you first visit our website, to the moment you receive your Vanilla Video — we are absolutely dedicated to making your experience as easy & awesome as possible. When we’re at your event, our videographers are at your direction; we are all friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, if you’re unsure about something, we’ll be happy to offer our insights and suggestions. Don't forget, our hard working support team is always an email or phone call away, so don’t worry about any technical issues before or afterwards.

  • Your videos are safe with us — and always available.

    We believe video is the best way to capture memories. But to really be useful and play an active part in everyday life, our customers need access to their videos anytime, and anywhere. That’s why we store your videos safely in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing or backing them up. Your videos are with you, no matter where you go, when you need them, or however you want to watch them.

  • Your videos will always be of the highest quality.

    We're passionate about video, and settle for nothing less than amazing. We’ve spent long hours researching — painstakingly choosing the best tools for a dynamic range of budgets. We have committed ourselves to extensive training so customers can rest assured that the best equipment is matched with the best talent. We're ready for any event or video production.

  • We will always be here to help.

    Consider us a good friend who’s just a phone call away. Customers never have to worry about technical issues because our support team can help every step of the way, from beginning to end. We have year round, 7 days a week, phone & email support. We know how important it is that you get answers in a timely manner.